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Who Are You?

Many years working with and learning from people, we are able to see how each found their own sense of purpose and meaning in life.  This book first looks at the organic elements of the human species.  Next it examines stories of people discovering their own sense of purpose.  Finally, it offers guidance on how the individual reader might find their own place of meaning in their universe.  Supported by scholarly works and the teachings of the "Masters", this volume is intended to challenge the reader to discover or invent their own path.           134 Pages.

Who Are You

The "Who Ball"

The Who Ball is, perhaps, the most valuable therapy tool you will ever encounter.

Catch the ball and under your thumb will be one of almost 200 questions. Each question is designed to engage the receiver with a fond memory, a challenging thought, a viewpoint, emotion, or attitude.

Catching the ball playfully catches the receiver off guard. The facilitator can then decide if the question is appropriate for the group, and a lively and authentic discussion often ensues.

Use the ball to warm up the group. Or use the ball to recharge a group which has lost energy.

Everyone loves the "Who Ball".  

"Who Ball"